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Are you familiar with the woes of manufacturers, whose products have undergone fire testing and have failed, even after spending an inordinate amount of money on research and so called “prototype” testing?

Are you one of those companies whose products have passed the fire tests but still they have to wait endlessly for six to sixteen months to get their certification documentation in order?

Are you a company/ a general contractor / a sub-contractor responsible for providing fire rated door assemblies and/or components in a building, that will pass the final occupancy inspection, just –in-time to avoid painful penalty clauses in your contracts?

With experience and expertise gained from literally thousands of fire tests of all types, our experts will guide you knowledgeably to resolve all such issues! We will help you design products that have a better chance of passing fire tests, we will help you minimize the testing needed to get the certifications you need, and we will help you create documentation ahead of time that can dramatically reduce the draconian long waiting period that the “big companies” impose on their hapless clients!

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