Do you need a fast, accurate consulting service that responds to your
needs, even at a moments notice? We provide such services in the
following disciplines.

Quality Control in manufacturing

Laboratory Accreditations, related documentation, training and audits

Testing, inspections and certifications of Fire Rated assemblies of doors/windows/walls and their components

Testing, inspections and certifications of Detention /Security products
and Safety rated products

Professional Engineering Evaluations on jobsite issues/other issues.

Engineering and Quality Global
Link Inc
has the solutions for you! We
have, at your service, personnel with:

Over 23 years of worldwide

Proven track record of being
continuously excellent in service

Professional Engineer (PE) License

Certified Manager of Quality and
Organizational Excellence by ASQ-
American Society for Quality and

Nuclear Lead Auditor License.

Are you familiar with the woes of manufacturers whose products have undergone fire testing and have failed, even after spending an inordinate amount of money on research and so called prototype testing?...

With experience and expertise gained from literally thousands of fire tests of all types, our experts will guide you knowledgeably to resolve all such issues!..

Are you looking for help in getting an accreditation to ISO/IEC/ANSI Standard 17025-2005 for your testing lab /calibration lab? For both independent and for manufacturer or association-owned labs, such an accreditation is absolutely crucial...

Are you aware that the USA has the highest number of persons in prisons, in comparison to almost any country in the world? This can be a business opportunity for you!...

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