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Are you looking for help in getting an accreditation to ISO/IEC/ANSI Standard 17025-2005 for your testing lab /calibration lab? For both independent and for manufacturer or association-owned labs, such an accreditation is absolutely crucial. With our PE and Certified manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence, we can provide you coaching and help you receive your accreditation in as little as 40 business days, with expert handling of complex issues like Measurement Uncertainty, Proficiency Testing and Inter-laboratory Comparison testing where even so called “experts” balk!

With hundreds of audits and inspections in our experience inventory, we can easily get you your ISO/IEC 17020 accreditation, as well as ISO Guide 65 accreditation as well.

It is common knowledge that experienced and skilled Quality Managers can be very expensive employees, who put a heavy burden on a small lab/inspection agency/certification business; and who are only partially busy during non-audit times. To help you avoid this risk, we provide expert Quality Managers on a contract, wherein you pay only for the services you need.

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